Bow of Honor pdf free download


Bow of Honor pdf free download. Bow of Honor pdf free download. There was a helicopter crash in 2001 in
the middle of the Sahara Desert and
there were two kids on it. The pilot died
in the crash, they only had a bow and
half a gallon of water. There only hope
was the animal’s meat and the fish in a
river. They had two pieces of wood for a
fire at night. A day later they found a
scorpion and they shot it with their bow.
They used the meat for lunch. Both the
kids had similar names, Joey and Goey.
They were on a flight to their grandma’s
house while their mom went to Rome for
The Bow of Honor
a business trip. Joey tried to use a small
amount of food from the animals.
They saw a shelter in the distance. They
went over to it but it was filled with sand
and scorpions. Goey tripped running
away from a scorpion…

Bow of Honor pdf free download

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