Count Bunker pdf free download


Count Bunker pdf free download. It is only with the politest affectation of interest, as a rule, that English Society learns the arrival in its midst of an ordinary Continental nobleman; but the announcement that the Baron Rudolph von Blitzenberg had been appointed attache to the German embassy at the Court of St. James was unquestionably
received with a certain flutter of excitement. That his estates were as vast as an
average English county, and his ancestry among the noblest in Europe, would
not alone perhaps have arrested the attention of the paragraphists, since acres
and forefathers of foreign extraction are rightly regarded as conferring at the
most a claim merely to toleration. But in addition to these he possessed a
charming English wife, belonging to one of the most distinguished families in
the peerage (the Grillyers of Monkton-Grillyer), and had further demonstrated
his judgment by purchasing the winner of the last year’s Derby, with a view to
improving the horse-flesh of his native land.

Count Bunker pdf free download

Count Bunker pdf free download
Count Bunker pdf free download

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