EVERY MAN IN HIS HUMOUR pdf free download


EVERY MAN IN HIS HUMOUR pdf free download. ENTER LORENZO DI PAZZI SENIOR, MUSCO. LOR. SE. Now trust me, here’s a goodly day toward. Musco, call up my son Lorenzo; bid him rise; tell him, I have some business to employ him in. MUS. I will, sir, presently. LOR. SE. But hear you, sirrah; If he be at study disturb him not. MUS. Very good, sir. [EXIT MUSCO. LOR. SE. How happy would I estimate myself, Could I by any means retire my son, From one vain course of study he affects! He is a scholar (if a man may trust The liberal voice of double-tongued report) Of dear account, in all our “Academies.” Yet this position must not breed in me A fast opinion that he cannot err.

EVERY MAN IN HIS HUMOUR pdf free download

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