Many Dimensions pdf free download


Many Dimensions pdf free download. “Do you mean,” Sir Giles said, “that the thing never gets smaller?”
“Never,” the Prince answered. “So much of its virtue has entered into its
outward form that whatever may happen to it there is no change. From the
beginning it was as it is now.”
“Then by God, sir,” Reginald Montague exclaimed, “you’ve got the transport
of the world in your hands.”
Neither of the two men made any answer. The Persian, sitting back in his
chair, and Sir Giles, sitting forward on the edge of his, were both gazing at
the thing which lay on the table. It was a circlet of old, tarnished, and
twisted gold, in the centre of which was set a cubical stone measuring about
half an inch every way, and having apparently engraved on it certain Hebrew
letters. Sir Giles picked it up, rather cautiously, and concentrated his gaze
on them. The motion awoke a doubt in Montague’s mind.
“But supposing you chipped one of the letters off?” he asked. “Aren’t they
awfully important? Wouldn’t that destroy the- the effect?”
“They are the letters of the Tetragrammaton,” the Persian said drily, “if you
call that important. But they are not engraved on the Stone; they are in the
centre — they are, in fact, the Stone.”
“O!” Mr. Montague said vaguely, and looked at his uncle Sir Giles, who said
nothing at all. This, after a few minutes, seemed to compel Montague to a
fresh attempt.

Many Dimensions pdf free download

Many Dimensions pdf free download
Many Dimensions pdf free download

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