The Rector pdf free download


The Rector pdf free download. It is natural to suppose that the arrival of the new Rector was a rather exciting event for Carlingford. It is a considerable town, it is true, nowadays, but then there are no alien activities to disturb the place—no manufactures, and not
much trade. And there is a very respectable amount of very good society at
Carlingford. To begin with, it is a pretty place—mild, sheltered, not far from
town; and naturally its very reputation for good society increases the amount
of that much-prized article. The advantages of the town in this respect have
already put five per cent upon the house-rents; but this, of course, only refers
to the real town, where you can go through an entire street of high gardenwalls,
with houses inside full of the retired exclusive comforts, the dainty
economical refinement peculiar to such places; and where the good people
consider their own society as a warrant of gentility less splendid, but not less
assured, than the favour of Majesty itself. Naturally there are no Dissenters in
Carlingford—that is to say, none above the rank of a greengrocer or milkman;

The Rector pdf free download

The Rector pdf free download
The Rector pdf free download

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