THE UNDERPUP pdf free download


THE UNDERPUP pdf free download. The Penguins were always breaking out with something. Miss Thornton, who had run Camp Happy Warriors for years and still believed there was good in everyone, said it was merely their age. The Penguins were older than the Peewits, who still trailed attenuated clouds of glory; and were younger than the Pelicans, who were beginning to talk mysteriously about Life, Beaux, and Parties—things so far removed from the Peewits that they weren’t even interested, but near enough to the Penguins to exasperate them into having marvelous ideas of their own.
So the Penguins were wonderfully set up when they first realized that they had a Social Conscience. They felt that even Priscilla (“Prissy”) Adams, their counselor, who generally thought their ideas dreadful, would have to admit that a Social Conscience was a good idea.
Clara VanSittart had brought it to camp with her, just as the previous summer she had brought the first pair of white mice. Clara was a fat, earnest child with spectacles, who would one day be chairman of a Women’s Club. Her mother, who was several chairmen already, had discovered the Poor that winter—rather to their consternation—so that Clara knew that at the very moment when the Penguins were sitting round their campfire, surrounded by trees and stars and lakes, and faintly nauseated with toasted marshmallows, there were poor, half-starved children literally gasping for air in New York City’s crowded, stifling streets. There was even a place called Hell’s Kitchen, it was so hot and awful. Clara knew all the best words like “underprivileged,” and by the time the last marshmallow had been drawn from its prong the Penguins were in tears.

THE UNDERPUP pdf free download

THE UNDERPUP pdf free download
THE UNDERPUP pdf free download

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