The World Of Homer pdf free download


The World Of Homer pdf free download. “Homer’s world,” “the world that Homer knew,” these are familiar phrases;
and criticism is apt to tell us that they are empty phrases. Nevertheless when
we use them we think of that enchanted land, so clearly seen in the light of
“the Sun of Greece”; in the light of Homer. It is a realm of splendid wars, of
gleaming gold and bronze, of noble men and of the most beautiful of women,
which shines through a rift in the mists that hide the years before it and the
years that followed. Can what appears so brilliant, so living, so solid, have
been unreal, the baseless fabric of a vision; of a dream, too, that Homer never
dreamed, for there was no Homer? The Homeric picture of life, the critics tell
us, displays no actual scene of past human existence, and is not even the
creation of one man’s fantasy. It is but a bright medley and mosaic of coloured
particles that came together fortuitously, or were pieced together clumsily, like
some church window made up of fragments of stained mediaeval glass.
“Homeric civilisation,” says a critic, “is like Homeric language; as the one was
never spoken, so the other was never lived by any one society.”

The World Of Homer pdf free download

The World Of Homer pdf free download
The World Of Homer pdf free download

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