Your Way to EBay pdf free download


Your Way to EBay pdf free download. A lot of people ask me “can you make money on eBay?” or “can you be profitable?” The
answer is yes. You can make profit selling on eBay. Around 1 million people are now using
eBay for income and probably another million use it for extra income. You might ask “how?” or
“where do I start?” The answer is right in your house!
When I started I took a laundry basket around my house and picked out 10 items I either don’t
like or was never going to use. Went on to eBay signed up and searched what they were worth
(Go to advanced in the top right corner and click completed listings on the form that comes up to
se sold items). Take your camera take some pictures and list your products. I recommend 7 or
10 day listing duration. And make your price reasonable don’t post it for retail price. Relist for 5
bucks lower if it doesn’t sell the first week.

Your Way to EBay pdf free download

Your Way to EBay pdf free download
Your Way to EBay pdf free download

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